About Seda Gecü

Seda Gecü is an artist and architect based in Istanbul, Turkey. She holds a diploma in Architecture from Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University. In 2012, she received her MA (Hons) in Architectural Design from Bilgi University. Her artistic practice is diverse and includes drawings, paintings, photography and animation. Gaining inspiration from the post-structuralist approach, her work mainly investigates the existence of status quo and challenges the sociocultural structures and the norms of every day life.

Her work has been exhibited in exhibitions and fairs including Mamut Art Project, İstanbul, (2019), Project Space Festival, Çilingir Sofrası with Poşe Art, Berlin, Germany (2019), Istanbul Design Biennial Academic Program Instances of Imperfection, Santralstanbul Contemporary Art Museum, Istanbul, (2012) and Lomosapiens, Kharkiv Municipal Gallery, Ukraine (2009). Her drawings and commissioned artworks have been published in print and online media including QP Women MagazineLe Cool Online Magazine, and Bant Magazine. She was also featured for her design work in architectural publications such as XXI Magazine and Arredamento Mimarlık. Currently, she is experimenting with animation as a medium and exploring the limits of contemporary drawing.



Nonattendance | “Especially these days, I’m in need of doing nothing. Disregarding, it’s impossible the escape from the anxiety of carrying on with what we’re doing.” #untitledstudiodays #sedagecü


05 April 2020 - Seda Gecü

is a future reminder, reflecting on what’s essential to us in the present time. Since we can’t carry on making studio visits we ask participant artists pick one word that they’ve treasure the most lately or essential to them which they haven't paid enough attention to before.It can be a metaphor, an object, a notion, an indoor/outdoor place or a value.