Good Night Sleep I Zeynep Kaynar

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Good Night Sleep of SAPP, Zeynep Kaynar 

original etching print on 350 gr Hanemühle paper, 2020, Tampere

Grafiikanpaja Himmelblau, 21 x 29,7 cm, 20 Editions

"Good Night Sleep and Brunch(Morning) are the staple pieces in the first SAPP(Sleeping, a Performative Process) installation displayed at Galleria Himmelblau, Finland. Artworks on-display take a full cycle of sleep into consideration, starting from the night until morning. They point out an analysis of body performance while asleep: "Good Night Sleep" unravels the beginning of the night with a semi-abstract approach, while "Brunch(Morning)" determines the end of the cycle." Zeynep Kaynar


Good Night Sleep (of SAPP) by Zeynep Kaynar

Good Night Sleep (of SAPP) by Zeynep Kaynar


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